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Leadership Congress

The NPDQ is happy to announce that our search for a permanent leader will culminate on Sunday January 21 with a Leadership Congress from 10:00-16:00 hrs at 1700 Amherst, Montreal (metro Beaudry).
You can consult the full agenda for the day below. If you have not yet voted online you may still do so until 23:59 hrs on Thursday Jan. 18. Please take the time to help us make this important decision.
It will also be possible to vote in person on Sunday from 10:00-14:00 hrs.
We have also organized two useful workshops during the day on organizing the NPDQ locally and organizing a local campaign. Please join us as we complete the leadership process and start to prepare for our next challenge, the 2018 election!
In Solidarity
The NPDQ Executive 
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Candidate Recruitment 2018

Dear NPDQ Friends,


As you know we will be running candidates in the Quebec election on Oct. 1 2018. The NPDQ needs you to consider becoming  a candidate or encouraging and supporting someone you know and admire to become an NPDQ candidate. We don’t need vedettes but we do need committed individuals who are ready to work hard, who want to represent their communities and who embrace the values and goals of the NPDQ. If you decide to run the party will help you and provide training. In particular we encourage women and members of ethnic and cultural minorities to consider being candidates.


Below you will find a short description of the process we have established for those who wish to become NPDQ candidates. The trousse de candidature is available on our website, All you need to do is download it, complete it and return it. To run you will need to recruit members to the party and solicit donations (maximum $200 per elector) to the party. The easiest way to do both is to use the party’s website, We can also authorize you to solicit funds and provide you with booklets to sign up members and collect donations. Any donations you solicit will be used for your campaign and the NPDQ campaign in your region. NPDQ members may support the candidacy of one more candidates in their region.


If you are considering running please send an email to letting us know who you are, how to contact you and in which riding you are considering running. This is just to give us an idea who is thinking about being a candidate. The formal application to be a candidate is made by completing and submitting the trousse de candidature.


Feel free to ask us questions and to ask questions of the the executive of your local regional association.


In Solidarity


The Comite de Planification Electorale NPDQ,


Peter Deslauriers (
Francois Gregoire (
Evelyne Henry (
Henri Pilon (

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Invitation to Leadership Event

To NPDQ Party Members,

Mark your calendars for the 21st of January! The first leader in the NPD Québec's short history will be elected on that day in Montréal at a festive event.

Our two candidates will be actively campaigning right up until that moment. In order to make the voting process simple, three voting methods will be available :


  • For those members who provided us with an email address, you will receive an email on January 12th from SimplyVoting ; you'll be able to vote online. As you will see, the procedure is very simple. However, please be sure to vote by January 18th at the latest.
  • For those members who did not provide us with an email address, you will receive a letter by mail that will give you the option to vote with a mail-in ballot, or vote online. Please note that ballots must be received by January 18th. Thus, they must be sent by mail several days prior.
  • It will also be possible to vote in-person on January 21st between 10 AM and 2 PM.


We invite you to join us on January 21st at the Centre communautaire Sainte-Catherine d'Alexandre, 1700 Amherst St. in Montreal (near Beaudry metro station). Come and celebrate the election of our new leader, and attend the various events on the agenda for the day. Several workshops (organizing, fundraising, etc.) will be held in preparation of the next election campaign. These workshops will be very enriching, especially for individuals wishing to get involved as organizers or as candidates. The full scheduling will be announced soon.

In closing, on behalf of the NPDQ's Executive Committee, I would like to wish you Happy Holidays and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

Denis Blanchette
President, NPDQ