NDPQ Leader Reacts to 2018 Quebec Government Budget

NDPQ Leader Reacts to 2018 Quebec Government Budget

In responding to the budget by the Liberal government, I took some time to think about what to say.

Why am I not happy with a lot of the budget? Well, my feeling of the budget is probably the same as most of you reading this, a feeling of cynicism towards the political class.

This time, it's even more shocking. According to economic analyses, for the next two years, we're going to have to cut spending again to get to a real budget balance. Clearly, this budget is for the upcoming election and is a last ditch effort to appeal to voters because of the near unanimous dissatisfaction towards this government. 

3 years of cuts to public services to in turn finally put back the original funding cut. Wanting to fuel cynicism, the liberal government could not have done better. 

The forgotten ones in this budget are again the ones with the smallest voice. These people, the most vulnerable people, are part of our society. Our community groups are again left to pick up the burden. The fight against fiscal inequality of the business sector, by fighting the giants of the Internet, is only going halfway. 

Soon, we're going to publish a draft of our electoral platform that will work for everyone. It will appeal to the wealthy just as much as the people marginalized by their economic and social situation. 

Raphaël Fortin
Leader of the NDPQ

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