About Us

For too long, Quebecers have not had a real progressive political option.

We believe it's time to move beyond the independence debate and to build an alternative that does not settle for the Liberal status quo.

After having taken time to reflect, a coalition of citizens passionate about the economy, our culture, our environment, and protecting worker's rights assembled to create the New Democratic Party of Quebec (NDPQ), a party that proposes a vision that takes into account the interests of all : families, students, seniors, people from the business economy as well as from the social and local economy, and members of civil society.

Convinced of the need to move beyond partisanship, by the importance of making Quebec shine within Canada and on the international stage, and by the need to demand that the Quebec nation have a complete and important place within the Canadian federation, the NDPQ will assemble a team of candidates that are a lot like you, and that will form our government at Quebec's National Assembly.


Read the party by-laws (English version coming soon).